Sustainable and digital:
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Every time our digital technologies and solutions help your organization progress sustainably, we know we have left our mark on the world by allowing you leave yours.

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Discover why sustainability and digital should be considered as a whole.

Get to know trends, critical data, and valuable information to understand the world’s progress. Sustainability is the new revolution and is intrinsic to any technological innovation.


Digital & Sustainable: the same revolution

2023 Trends Report

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Carbon Neutral

We neutralize the emissions we generate through forestry compensation, collaborating directly with the reforestation of native forests in Latin America.

Buscamos dejar nuestra huella y no nuestra huella de carbono.

A new forest in Ñorquinco, Patagonia, Argentina.

We are happy about our partnership with Asociación Amigos de la Patagonia, led by Sebastián Homps. AAP is an NGO whose mission is to promote initiatives related to environmental education and the protection of natural resources in Patagonia and the rest of the country.


In the first challenge, we developed a web app for the traceability of the “Hacemos Bosques” Campaign.


Now, in each planting or reforestation, volunteers can precisely register each tree using a specialized GPS. Through data transfer, it will be possible to visualize in a simple way and in real-time each planted tree and, therefore, each reforested forest. In this way, traceability is achieved in all donations from individuals and companies.


In October 2021, AAP conducted new reforestation in an area devastated by fire in Lanín National Park, Argentina. The fire occurred during the most extensive drought in the last 1,000 years and burned around 1,500 hectares of native forest with century-old trees.

Three thousand new Araucaria trees between 3 and 7 years old were planted.

Committed to caring for the environment, we want to be part of it. We joined the cause, with 300 of the 3000 Araucarias planted by the association.


We are proud to see EPICAL representing the team in those 300 specimens. We will continue moving forward together in this adventure to protect our nature.

Sustainable mindset
Está en nuestra naturaleza pensar en cada proyecto con una mirada hacia la sostenibilidad, con un enfoque en el impacto.
Responsible Company

We began a path towards B certification and carbon neutralization, in addition to promoting actions both internally and with our customers, partners and community.

Sustainability services

Our digital intelligence services are oriented towards responsible, informed and sustainable decision making. An informed organization must be a responsible organization with the impact it generates. That is where we aim our efforts.


We create impact and offer solutions for different organizations that do good and support different environmental causes.

native trees planted
reforested forest
auracarias donated by Epical

Do you want to promote carbon neutrality in your company?

We are carrying out a plan together with AAP for customers, partners and suppliers.

Let us make possible a #digital and #sustainable reality!