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Unleash the power of a WEB3  experience

The time is now. Onboarding into the crypto world can be fun, simple, and effective.

Give your team the tools to lead the Industry! 

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For all kinds of companies

Crypto and web3 capacitation for business

While blockchain and crypto can potentially transform all kinds of industries, now it’s all at an early stage. That means opportunity, and whoever takes the initiative will be one step ahead of the competition.

At epical, we designed a unique experience to achieve a fast, engaging, and simple immersion into web3.

We tailor the program according to need, industry, and target.

What is the experience about?

Crypto is a new and exciting landscape, but also very complex, technical, and rapidly changing.

Employees worldwide have expressed a growing need and curiosity to learn more about the topic and, more importantly, the role and approach in different industries

Therefore, we have developed a unique program for an attractive, entertaining, easy and fast onboarding.


Web 3 and Crypto capacitation for business


Crypto Experts & Speakers

A range of crypto experts as the faces and voices of the program, bolstered by the participation of google speakers and business partners.


Agile, compelling and visual

An agile, engaging, and visually compelling event, visually-inspired in the crypto ecosystem.


Digital Multi-Formats

Digital, multi-format offerings, ranging from live interactions to on demand foundational content.

Connect Wallet

Hands-on Challenge

Hands-on challenge so that things can get real! Assistants leave the event with their first NFT. A POAP NFT that will tokenize the experience forever in the blockchain

Tailor-Made web3 and crypto training for


For C-level executives.

An experience with content that impacts strategic decision making.


For employees.

An experience with content that aligns all the company’s teams, to discover the potential of the web according to the industry.


For end consumers

An incredible experience with content sponsored by your company to strengthen the bond with your customers.


For educational institutions

An experience with academic content in order to promote the knowledge and potential of blockchain technology.

What does the program include?​

Participants will not only receive a Masterclass in Blockchain and Web3: they will participate in a unique and unforgettable hands-on experience but will also fully immerse themselves in the vision of blockchain as the technology that will revolutionize all industries.

Crypto & Blockchain Talk's

Specially tailored talks according to the objectives of the experience.


Educational and entertaining Q&A sessions with crypto experts from within the company or external sources.

Case Studies

Depending on the client's industry, we develop case studies to present and show the potential of blockchain applied to real cases.

Metaverse Experience

The possibilities are endless: events in the metaverse, networking, a building of your own to live the experience, games, and much more.


We script, produce and record special podcasts to accompany the experience.

101 Videos

We script, produce, film and edit videos specially made for the occasion. They can be educational, case study or other videos.

101 guides

Supporting material for the experience is essential. It helps to align all participants on the same level and serves as constant reference material.

Learn To Earn Challenges

The challenges are aimed to experience blockchain in an attractive and simple way. A great success!

globally recognized

We work with the most recognized speakers and experts in the ecosystem.

We select the best speakers and experts according to the theme of the program and the objectives of the experience.

We have an amazing network of contacts.

Frecuently Asked Questions

Web3 and Crypto trainings should be detailed and specific so everyone can understand. This is why the variants are in the format of a program, event or a workshop

The experience can occur both in person and virtually, even in a hybrid format that usually works very well.

No. The experience for teams of 5 to 10 people as well as for entire multinationals on a global basis.

Although Epical suggests an agenda according to the client’s needs, we believe that the best way to define it is to work with the client.

No. The first thing to do after defining the objectives is to establish what type of actions and formats will shape the program. One experience may have talks, AMAs, podcasts, and videos, and another experience may be a cycle of speakers in the metaverse.

We seek to adapt the experience to the client’s objectives and needs. Everything is possible.

Generally, we work with average margins of 2-3 months of production before launch.

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