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We believe that digital is power. The power to transform businesses and propel their sustainable growth at all levels is why we get out of bed every morning.

Whenever our technologies and digital solutions help achieve progress for your organization, we know we’ve made our mark on the world by helping you make yours.

Machine Learning
Consulting & Development

Make smarter decisions based on valuable insights.

Did you know you could use a custom ML algorithm to gather insights and make smarter decisions for your company? Sounds too complex? Don’t worry, leave the burden of deriving value from raw data sets in our hands.

We’ll treat your Machine Learning, Data Science, AI & Software Development projects with the utmost care, seeking victory for your business in every step we take.

Unleash the power of data science with our epical eye for the data-driven opportunities that can solve your business challenges:

NLP (Text Processing)

Computer Vision & Image Recognition

Audio Recognition

Predictive Analysis

Recommendation Engine

Decision Support System

Innovation Methodologies


What does your innovation-driven future look like? If you want to stay competitive and push your business forward, you need to innovate.

At Epical, we use innovation methodologies to lead your company through the process of corporate culture management and the exponential transformation of its business models.

We help design and validate disruptive business models, and provide ongoing assistance during their implementation process.

Instill the seed of exponential transformation in your business with our dedicated Innovation Methodologies workshops and inspiring conferences:

Wind of change

Train your team in the differences between linear and disruptive thinking, their advantages and applications.

Secret behind business

Unravel the secrets behind business models that pave the way for disruptive growth.


Convey the importance of innovating from a future perspective.

Models and testing

Design and co-create business models and testing.

Stay ahead of the technological evolution game and social change. Disruptive thinking starts with looking at your business from a future perspective.

Enable key resources within a system and motivate them to work together for brainstorming and exploring disruptive business models in the face of challenging scenarios.

Break your organization into smaller parts and explore your system in order to build an entirely new business model.

Design a platform capable of creating an entire innovation ecosystem.

 Test and prototype the ideas most likely to succeed. Build a robust intraorganizational innovation team.

Pentagrowth is a method used to design disruptive business models.

Throughout its processes, organizations experience the cultural transformation they need in order to embrace innovation and test business model prototypes as co-created in the real world.

Edgardo Regatky

Consultant in exponential transformation and innovation.​


With more than 20 years of experience in public-private programs, he has served as a senior consultant or Team Leader in more than 80 projects with funding from the European Union, Multilateral Organizations, Local Governments, Business Chambers and private companies.

Certified facilitator of the PENTAGROWTH model, which provides a new point of view on the keys to exponential growth in the digital environment of the 21st century, helping organizations to design and validate disruptive business models and accompany them during the implementation process.

IDB consultant to launch the Toolkit to support the electronic transactions market for SMEs in Latin America and the Caribbean.

EXO Certified consultant, a global transformation ecosystem with more than 4,300 coaches, investors, consultants and innovation specialists who help organizations, institutions and people to unlock abundance to change the world.

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