Digital world

Brands in a new digital world – What are the opportunities and potential?

Everything that has to do with technological world, its advances and news, such as cryptocurrencies, Web 3, the Metaverse, and digital marketing are related.

Digital world

Some very prestigious and well-known brands in the market have chosen to use these technologies:

Tesla. Perhaps the best known example, invested millions of dollars in Bitcoin. This caught the attention of young and adult investors so they decided to buy BTC as well. Due to Elon Musk’s investment in this digital currency, its value increased exponentially in 14 days. But this currency is not the only one in which this businessman ventured, he also acquired other assets, such as ETH and DOGE.

Dallas Mavericks. The businessman and investor Mark Cuban allowed fans, of the renowned basketball team, to buy tickets and merchandise through the Dogecoin cryptocurrency. This, in the words of Cuban, is a means of exchange superior to Bitcoin.

Nike. Entered the Metaverse by purchasing the virtual shoe brand, RTFKT Studios. Thus becoming one of the first renowned brands to enter this digital ecosystem.

Adidas: Another sports brand that entered the Metaverse, working in conjunction with NFT. One of his projects, with Punks Comic NFT, seeks to merge non-fungible tokens with physical comics to create an original proposal in the field of crypto comics.

Clinique: The brand that specializes in cosmetic products decided to build customer loyalty through NFTs by means of a reward system. This works in the following way: users share their experiences and stories related to the brand on social media, and this is how they obtain beauty products.

Coca-Cola: This brand publicized the launch of a fundraising program based on NFTs.
The future is today and we don’t want you to be left behind!

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