Earth Overshoot Day

Earth Overshoot Day

Did you know that we are in the red in our ecological budget? That’s right, with five months left until the end of the year, humanity’s demand for environmental resources exceeded the resources that the Earth can regenerate in 2021. 

Pandemic-induced global shutdowns led to a 5.8% drop in CO2 emissions in 2020. However, emissions increased again during the second half of that same year. 

So far, this 2021, the ecological footprint has grown by 4.6%, and a total increase of 6.6% is estimated.

In addition, due to the effect of deforestation and degradation of the Amazon, the Global Carbon Project research team estimated a 0.5% decrease in global forest biocapacity.

Over the decades, humans’ ecological and carbon footprint gradually increased, while the Earth’s biocapacity, i.e., its capacity to regenerate resources, decreased considerably.

The years pass, and Earth Overshoot Day is arriving earlier and earlier, gradually moving from December 30, 1970, to July 29.

Digital tools will be a crucial factor in addressing these major environmental issues.

Reducing air pollution and managing e-waste, supporting bright water and energy management, supporting smart agriculture and food security, and monitoring climate and biodiversity – that’s the potential of new technologies!