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4 video trends for 2022: redefining post-pandemic content

However, as with many aspects of daily life, the COVID-19 pandemic transformed and accelerated processes that had been happening at a slower pace. In this context, the video landscape has changed and today offers new possibilities. These are the trends to follow in order not to lose relevance in 2021.

Content in snacks

Especially for those who consume it on mobile devices, the short video offers two advantages: ease of creation, with increasingly practical tools, and also viewing, since it does not take up much time in a person’s life.

Social networks are responsible for this trend. It is increasingly common to hear the concept of snack content, content that is easy to consume and share. Platforms such as Tik Tok and Instagram, with their Reels, have significantly benefited from this style.

Social networks have completely changed the way we view online content, especially when it comes to videos. An example of this is videos in vertical format, played to the end 90 percent of the time.  The reason is simple: we use our phones more than any other device, and we entertain ourselves with Instagram Stories, Reels, Tik Tok, and more.

Another widely used modality is short videos, which are available for just 24 hours and then disappear forever. This format, popularized by Snapchat and leveraged by Instagram, plays a vital role in marketing because it allows brands to interact with their audiences and share user-generated content. The result: more engagement.

The live video boom

Live videos were already a trend, but in 2020 they became ultra viral and even saved many industries. Now, in 2021, more and more people and companies are adopting this format.

What makes them unique? They provide a behind-the-scenes view, an opportunity for brands to interact with their audience naturally and authentically. This format would likely have grown without the pandemic, but it will undoubtedly gain a definitive place in our lives this year.

Animation, a format for all ages

Given the impossibility of filming on location and production equipment due to the pandemic, animations became indispensable when creating videos. So, as with live video, that push was just the beginning.

Animations are easy to produce and efficient, but we have also started to see a fusion between real videos combined with animation elements. The appeal of this format is that it can captivate audiences of all ages.

Positioned videos, easy to find

Search-positioned videos are expected to be a big trend in digital marketing this year. Now that so many brands are producing quality video content, it stands to reason that they will seek to optimize for SEO and rank them.

While search engines favored written content, which is easier for algorithms to understand and catalog, artificial intelligence is here to change that.

These video trends offer the possibility of giving the audience a better and more complete experience. If you are not yet generating content in these formats, it is time to start! 

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