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How to incorporate Web 3 into my company?

How to incorporate Web 3 into my company?

As we have already seen in our most recent articles, web 3 is going to lead, in the near future, throughout the web . Although there are changes that are going to be given little by little, it isn’t long before we see it act on all platforms. We invite you to discover how your company can improve if you include this way of relating.

If there is one word that has to resonate with us constantly when thinking about Web 3 it is: “Blockchain”. This decentralized technology guarantees the safety of all users. As we have already seen, data is stored in an unbreakable data network, where we can carry out transactions of any kind without intermediaries.

While it is true that we are in the moment of construction of web 3, we must not let time pass to join it.

How could you start joining Web 3?

  1. The incorporation of virtual wallets, both for the company and to facilitate payment to customers, would be ideal and practical.
  2. Building a metaverse could be a good start to incorporating something new into your company. Since it is that infinite virtual space where all kinds of barriers are eliminated.
  3. Creating a fascinating collection of NFT could also lead you in this field.
  4. On the other hand, smart contracts would really be a step into the future.

While these are relatively new concepts, they don’t have to scare you. Once you are part of this new digital world, things are more easily solved because there is a guarantee of everything.

From Epical, we are very excited to be able to accompany you in this future that has already arrived, don’t hesitate to contact us. 

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