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The most popular NFTs on the market

The most popular NFTs on the market

Undoubtedly, NFTs have revolutionized in digital world because they are, in part, something new for all people, but also for its great capacity for dissemination and scope. Below we will show you those that have been mostly known.

In addition to being a super safe medium when creating your work of art, NFTs made many people and companies decide to create something that would identify them.

most popular nft

Every day, the first 5000 days:

The digital artist known as Beeple created a digital art series called “Every day, the first 5000 days” creating a work every day. Reached 70 million, making it the most expensive NFT in history.

most popular nft: example 1


The “CryptoPunks” are a series of 10.000 nft created by Matt and John of LArva Labs, a technology company related to video games. These famous nft are inspired by people from the London Punk movement. Among the collection of nfts there are men and women, although we also find zombies and aliens, which due to their rarity are currently the best sellers

If you are thinking of creating your own nft collection.

most popular nft: example 2


The Nft of “CryptoKitties” are actually part of a game that consists of breeding cats registered on the Ethereum blockchain.To play you need to buy or rent two cats, reproduce them and thus create a new one. This new cat is a unique NFT that inherits some characteristics from its parents and generate its own.

most popular nft: example 3

Invisible friends:

The NFT collection of the invisible friends created by swedish artist Marcus Magnusson is becoming the collectibles with movement most famous in the digital world. Around 5000 funny invisible friends with different features, clothes and accesories.

most popular nft: example 4

Bored ape yacht club:

This famous collection called “Bored ape yacht club” has 10.000 NFTs with diverse characteristics, attributes and qualities but with something in common: they are all avatars of boring monkeys.

If you are thinking of creating your own nft collection.

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