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The most popular places to buy NFT

where to buy nft projects

Below we will show you a list of the best places, more typical and common on the internet, where you can buy nft. Each of them has its particularities. Join us to see them.

where to buy nft opensea


This is the biggest and most recognized marketplace worldwide. You can buy more than 30 million NFT in different categories. In addition, the platform allows you to mint NFT without paying gas fees since the asset is not registered in the blockchain until the purchase is complete.

As a result, you can create your digital work for free, and you will only have to pay for the gas once you sell it.

Remember: OpenSea charges a 2.5% commission for each sale made.

where to buy nft rarible


This platform is built in the Ethereum blockchain, and you can browse different categories. This platform stands out because you can use more than ten cryptocurrencies when trading NFT.

Within this platform, there is the possibility that you can earn royalties if any of your works of art are sold, so it will continue to give you profits over time.

Unlike Open Sea, Rarible’s commissions are 5% (2.5% applies to the seller and the other 2.5% to the buyer).

where to buy nft SuperRare


It stands out for having works of another type of category that usually attract more attention since they are elegant and exclusive because they typically have only one edition.

Par excellence is one of the most expensive: its commission is 15%, but it gives artists 10% royalties for each resale.

where to buy nft mintable


It is also built on the Ethereum blockchain. This marketplace allows you to create NFT without having to pay gas taxes.

The taxes applied may vary depending on the category of NFT in question:

  • a 2.5% commission is applied for the sale of a normal NFT. 
  • 5% when selling an NFT without having previously paid for the gas.
  • a 10% for those works that can be printed.

Each artist can choose the number of royalties they will receive when their artworks are resold.

If you feel like starting to buy or sell NFT, don’t hesitate to contact us! We will always be available to help you.

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