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Top 4 characteristics of Web 3.0

web 3.0 characteristics

Web3, also known as Web 3.0, is an idea for a new iteration of the World Wide Web based on blockchain technology, incorporating concepts such as decentralization, privacy and the token economy.

We cannot deny that Web 3.0 is already going through our days, although it is not developed one hundred percent, we can notice its presence. Do you want to know how? We will tell you its main features.

Discover Web3 main characteristics!

Web 3.0 characteristics

The core feature behind web 3.0 applications is decentralisation, it is basically a an application on a hosted website that gives more control to the user. It doesn’t need to be controlled  by a single entity.

Trustless characteristics Web3

Smart contacts’ scripts are generally fixed and immutable which means that users will exactly know what they will get from the transaction they are performing in Web 3.0.

Semantic web characteristicas Web3

The next evolution of the Web involves the Semantic Web. The Semantic Web improves the abilities of web technologies to generate, share and connect content through search and analysis by understanding the meaning of words rather than by keywords or numbers.

uses advance machine learning and ai

When constructed on top of new decentralized data structures that provide today’s tech titans access to a multitude of data, the potential uses go far beyond targeted advertising.

Web 3.0 is the next stage of digital evolution that would make the Internet smarter, capable of processing information with near-human intelligence through the power of AI systems that could run intelligent programs to help users.

Tim Berners-Lee said the Semantic Web intends to interact “automatically” with home systems, people, and devices. Content creation and decision-making processes will involve both humans and machines. This would enable the intelligent creation and distribution of highly personalized content directly to all Internet consumers.

The new Internet will provide:

  • A more personal and tailored browsing experience.
  • A more intelligent and human search assistant.
  • Decentralized benefits to help establish a more equitable web.
  • Will make them highly user-centric and more transparent.
  • The use of blockchain technology will protect data from hackers. Becoming the sole owner of your information.

How can this be achieved?

By empowering each user to become the sovereign of their data, and creating a richer overall experience thanks to the myriad of innovations that will occur once it has been implemented.

When Web 3.0 inevitably arrives, although it is hard to imagine considering how smart devices have already changed our behavioral patterns, the Internet will be exponentially more integrated into our daily lives.

Do you need more info?
If you still have doubts about how to develop your own Web 3.0 you can contact us. At Epical we provide personalized advice so that each of our clients can create and disseminate their websites effectively.

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