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We create engaging experiences

As a digital marketing agency, we provide all the services for organizations to communicate through new technologies and new channels to build unforgettable social experiences.

To fall in love, to feel, to enjoy, to experience, to empower. Unleash your social media power with our full-service digital marketing solution!
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Our digital marketing solutions

Digital Strategy

We develop digital marketing strategies that meet business needs. We are rethinking marketing from product-oriented to customer-oriented. We can help you implement, review your digital marketing strategy and, build your brand status.

Social Media Management

Social Media fueled by technology. Interdisciplinary teams for integrated and omnichannel management. We provide social media strategy, community management, and social media listening services

Email Marketing

Full-funnel & technology-driven strategies. Onchannel integrity. UI/UX Design, Copywriting and Analytics as part of the same business-oriented plan. Real-time dashboards & AI behavioral predictive analytics.

SEO Strategy

Achieve organic visibility in search results when your ideal customer performs a search on, for example, Google. Your intention persists in performing actions that involve strategic and analytical effort, leaving in second place the option of investing in positioning.

Ads & Paid Media

Digital advertising needs to rethink and reorganize traditional media plans. We create campaigns that use relevant data while remaining profitable.
SEM, display and social advertising, and direct sales are all our services

Influencer Marketing

Strategy. Pre-selection, selection and coordination. Content management. Creativity. Campaign reports and reports.

Marketing & Sales Automation

Automation as a path to operational efficiency. User-centric, data-driven, customized marketing ads. Find qualified leads, automate tasks and workflows. Automation for internal processes and external actions. Integration and design of digital ecosystems.

Audience Intelligence

We believe that data intelligence solutions are essential in the digital age. You can use data to answer business, marketing & comms questions, identify opportunities, understand behaviors, and optimize decision-making.

Why Epical?

Partner with Epical today and lead your industry with our customized digital marketing solutions.


Be trendy

Stay up to date on technology to reach your brand’s target audience. We are always one step ahead. 



Save time, money and resources with solutions designed to add value at reasonable prices.


boost sales and leads

We have proven experience in methods that generate quality leads to achieve and scale sales.


brand reputation

Build your brand’s reputation across all online channels. We have specialists to work on integral brand strategies.


Sustainable and profitable growth

Drive long-term profitable growth. We don’t just stick to what happens in the digital ecosystem. We want our strategy to have a measurable impact on the core of the business.


we have a plan

We do not improvise.. Obtain a holistic view of your customers’ and competitors journey.

Ad hoc teams for customized proposals.​

Our approach is simple: we assemble tailor-made teams according to the client’s industry and niche. This way we achieve teams formed by specialized professionals, with all the tools to achieve success cases.

We develop customized strategies with a multi-channel approach targeting key players at each stage.

We create campaigns consistent with each company’s spirit and cultural essence so that your brand reaches the right people in the right place and at the right time, conveying the appropriate message.

By creating a precise Internet marketing strategy, we will allow your company to be the first in mind when your targets need your product or service.

“We conceive each project as part of a whole, which involves not only its marketing objectives but also its potential impact on the entire business. Therefore, we work with the objective of covering as many variables as possible, interacting with different areas of the organization and seeking to provide visibility of qualitative and quantitative results”
Anahí Hernandez
Lead Project Manage at Epical

Key FAQ's for Digital Marketing solutions

Today’s consumers spend hours and hours on the Internet. Not only do they shop, but they also do all kinds of research to make purchasing decisions. The brands that work best on their online positioning are the ones that are growing the most and generate the most sales in the long term.

Digital marketing should not be seen as an investment expense, but as a strategy that you must allocate physical and economic efforts to effectively achieve the objective of your business.

The amount will depend on the objectives of the campaigns. When starting a campaign, we analyze the client’s brief to suggest the appropriate investment according to the goals to be achieved and the KPIs established.

Within Digital Marketing you can choose organic or paid strategies and that will depend on the time in which you need to see the impacts on your business.


We have teams to work in virtually any language required. We have worked in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Arabic.

Find out about our case studies

Arcos dorados LATAM

This campaign, was recognized and awarded a Lápiz de Oro de Relaciones Públicas (the industry’s highest accolade for public relations and marketing in Argentina). Oxean developed the campaign video:

Novo Nordisk Global

The objective was to promote a healthy lifestyle and encourage patients to make the corresponding consultations with the doctor to control this chronic disease properly.

Simplex Group LLC

We have helped Simplex Group throughout its Digital Transformation process. Digital strategy, rebranding, E-mail marketing strategy, implement a CRM and developmentof a complex 50-screen website in two languages

Epical has been recognized as one of Top Florida, USA, Social Media Marketing Agencies  by DesignRush. 

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