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We help you scale your project from ground zero. 

How? Assisting and supporting you to develop their business rapidly and successfully
 Turn your decentralized concepts into reality! 
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 If you are here, you already know that NFT’s have the potential to revolutionize everything!  Do you or company wanna have your own NFT Project? 

  • We help you define your collection.
  • We help you create value and purpose. 
  • We help you build communities (Discord, Telegram, Tw, Ig, Tik Tok)
  • We list your collectibles
  • We develop a marketing strategy
  • We help you attract investors
  • We help you convert them into buyers
  • They just mint! 

Tailor-made solutions for companies & artists_

Deliver next-generation online experiences to your consumers.

We develop NFT's collections with added value for your target.

Within the NFT solution, we offer the services of:

Project consultancy

Strategy and general advice. Our team of experts will guide you and work side by side with you throughout the entire process of creating and disseminating your NFT projects, from start to finish.

NFT Brand and Marketing advisory

Two fundamental axes to achieve NFT projects that differ from the rest, in a completely saturated ecosystem. We develop strategies and unique value-added proposals so that you can stand out from the rest.

NFT Platform Marketplace Advisory

Advice on the NFT platform market: Which NFT platform to choose when selling a collection? From OpenSea and Mintable to IMX or Rarible. We work with you as a team to determine where to go to sell your collection.

NFT Minting Advisory

Within this axis of work, at Epical we designed a general collection plan: total amount of NFT's, white list strategy, rarities and user experience improvements.

Smart Contract Strategy

Strategy and development. We have a specialized team to develop smart contracts of the highest level and in record time. This axis is the main one to spread your projects

NFT Selling Strategy

How? When? Where? At what price? These are some of the questions we ask ourselves to develop tailored strategies for all types of projects and clients.

Characteristics of NFT

NFTs have the particularity: unlike fungible goods, of being unique and original. The owner of the NFT can certify that he is the sale and beneficial owner of said project.

Its value cannot be divided into smaller parts.

NFTs are stored on the Blockchain which blocks their deletion, destruction or replication.

By purchasing an NFT, you become the full owner of your property.

Our principles and work values

for projects that imply a positive impact on the environment.
with our clients and with their impact projects. We aspire to create long-term relationships; it motivates us to see them grow on the path of digital transformation.
inter and intra-team. In this way, we enhance the unique value that each person who is part of our #epicaluniverse can contribute.
of the actions that lead us to make our ideas come true as business teams and people.
which allows us to be closer, lower barriers, ask for help, recognize mistakes and learn from them.

Frequency question about NFT's services

NFT is a technological solution that refers to the purchase and sale of non-expendable goods, that is, goods that are not replaceable, such as on artistic painting.

NFT solutions, as well as those of blockchain, bring the benefits to artists and companies to be able to sell their products directly to the final consumer without the need for a physical store.

There are different NFT projects that can be created. The types are art, music, photography/video, and writing.

The NFT service is aimed at artists, musicians, photographers, influencers, marketing agencies, art galleries, artists representatives and all those people or companies interested in offering online projects.

More information about NTF's projects

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