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Global Practice Hub

United States

We were summoned by one of the most recognized Justice personalities in the world. The objective was to collaborate with creating an international NGO whose mission is to establish a peaceful world order and solve global problems through the cooperation of experts from all over the world. 

After a three-month phase of Research, Analysis, and Strategy development, the foundations were laid for the growth and evolution of the Organization. 

The work with Global Practice Hub evolved in several directions; one of them was external communication. 

  • Development of a book release campaign for a book published by Oxford University.
  • In the development of two websites to promote courses in an E-Learning platform.
  • Digital campaigns to promote online courses offered by CUNY, The City University of New York.
  • Development of a Social Media campaign to make visible the crisis in Afghanistan.
  • Organization of online debates about the crisis in Afghanistan with U.S. university students.
  • Social Media behavior analysis (Afghanistan) and research with people working in NGOs based in the country.
  • Specialized editing for Wikipedia profiles.

Each action allowed us to play a foundational role in launching a global platform that connects every corner of the world through each of its actions, seeking a better reality for all.

Together with Luis Moreno Ocampo, founding Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, we planned the first #Webinar of GPH: an organization that brings together young people and experts from around the world to discuss, think and co-create solutions to global issues. 

In this case, the goal was to invite new generations to discuss the possibility of a better management of the #Palestinian-Israeli conflict. 

To convene them, we carried out a campaign aimed at university students from University of Oxford, University of South Carolina and The City University of New York among others. 

Young people willing to have a conversation, with diverse ideas, histories and nationalities, participated in the Webinar and discussed with Luis Moreno Ocampo about a key dilemma: what are the main obstacles to resolve a conflict as sensitive as the Palestinian-Israeli conflict?

We are happy to continue accompanying Global Practice Hub and Luis Moreno Ocampo in such enriching projects with a real impact on the leaders of the future.