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Simplex Group


Simplex Group is a logistics group consisting of three companies. Simplex experts handle regulatory compliance, permitting, and tax reporting. The Freight4U division assists customers with freight planning and factoring services, and our Simplex Insurance division provides coverage for any unexpected circumstances they may encounter along the way. 

Each division has the expertise to help them achieve their goals and work together to provide them with the best support to fulfill their dreams.

We have helped Simplex Group throughout its Digital Transformation process. From the development of a digital strategy for the company to a rebranding, including the development of a complex 50-screen website in two languages. We restructured the email marketing strategy for four divisional customers and their business process, accompanying the implementation of a CRM.

  • New commercial and branding materials were developed.
  • Over 400 email campaigns were created, written, laid out, and designed. 
  • Devised more than strategic funnels based on target and division. 
  • Created more than 50 dynamic pieces for a digital media campaign. 
  • Revenue in 2020 grew 30% compared to 2019 levels.

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