we believe in a
data-driven future

By harnessing the power of technology, we help our customers around the world unleash the power of digital intelligence.

We work together to think big.

To dream without limits.

Let our customers do the talking with these amazing success stories!

Data para Comunicaciones

Digital Intelligence to support the region

We work hand in hand with the Knowledge, Innovation and Communication Sector (KIC) of the IDB team in Digital Intelligence and Data Science services.

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Master Card
Data para Comunicación Interna

Data drive insights for internal communication

Internal communication can also tell success stories when it comes to data. Intelligence, analysis and strategy for success.

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Data para Marketing y Estrategia de Negocio

When data powers logistics

The hit also comes with a trailer. Discover the story of the American logistics company that despite having great offline recognition, was completely unknown in the online world.

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Global Practice Hub
Global Intelligence

Global data for global problems

We co-created a Global Practice, a digital platform with the aim of solving global problems through the cooperation of experts from all over the world.

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Data for content

Storytelling for Social Media

Production of the “Barrio 31” Case, the opening of a store in Barrio 31 of the City of Buenos Aires.

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The Novo Nordisk laboratory challenged us to develop an awareness campaign for people living with type 2 diabetes. The objective was to promote a healthy lifestyle and encourage patients to make the corresponding consultations with the doctor to control this chronic disease properly.
Data for Marketing

Digital Intelligence for Pharma

The Novo Nordisk lab challenged us to develop an awareness campaign strategy for people living with type 2 diabetes, based on a Social Listening study.

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