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Washington, USA

The power of Digital Intelligence
  We work hand in hand with the Knowledge, Innovation and Communication Sector (KIC) of the IDB < /b>Digital Intelligence and Data Science services team. “In the area of ​​knowledge, KIC puts in the put to makes the latest learning products and opportunities available to the Bank to strengthen the training of its own staff and its operating partners, it also supports the generation of knowledge through publications, databases and open source software and blogs to make the IDB a sector benchmark and create communities of practice. On the frontier of innovation, KIC offers experiences, networks, methodologies and tools to help Bank staff build capacity in this field and provide new solutions to pending development problems. In the area of ​​communication, KIC focuses on positioning the IDB brand and in giving visibility to projects, events, knowledge products and institutional initiatives, promoting the use of traditional and social media and incorporating storytelling techniques. Outreach efforts are based on an understanding of the needs of the audience and the region and a disruptive use of data and technology.

At Epical we provide strategic value in quantitative and qualitative analysis of Big Data, Research and ad hoc solutions to support the most important areas of the IDB.

We form an interdisciplinary team with professionals in Data Science, Communication, Journalism, Political Science and others. We not only meet great people and professionals of the highest level, but also a purpose of impact that we deeply share. Day by day we contribute our value to cooperate with the objective of achieving development in a sustainable and respectful way with the environment.